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Applications are open between February 5 and April 19, 2024

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Miguel Santos, ITQB NOVA

Helena Vilaranda, ITQB NOVA



The Startup Research Program will be held at ITQB NOVA (Oeiras) and NOVA SBE (Carcavelos)



To whom

The Program is open to all Graduate Researchers and Science Managers (>BSc) with preferably more than 1 year of lab work experience.


The course will be held in English. A minimum proficiency of B2/C1 (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages – CEFR) is required.


Duration & ECTS

The course will comprise 11 weeks, with a total of 102 in classroom hours, and will accredit 8 ECTS. 

The StartUp Research successful accomplishment may fulfil 3rd study cycle-level “(Bio)Entrepreneurship” and/or “Free Option” requirements at ITQB NOVA


Course structure

Available Attendance Scholarships

ITQB NOVA SCHOLARSHIPS: 2 Full student tuition Scholarships (€1500) / Edition are available for ITQB NOVA Students and Staff. Preference will be given to Students enrolled either in ITQB NOVA MSc or PhD programs.

OEIRAS Valley SCHOLARSHIPS: In the scope of the Oeiras Valley initiative and strategic objectives, 15 x €1500 Scholarships / Edition are available. Although not-exclusive, Oeiras Valley scholarships will be preferentially awarded to candidates coming from SI&DT institutions located within the Oeiras Valley Ecosystem. Institutions belonging to LS4FUTURE, and CIISA/AL4AnimalS (fulfilling One Health Initiative goals) Associate Laboratories, iNOVA4Health, CoLife and to the Co-Lab AccelBio, will be considered as such. 

Mandatory Attendance

Participants registered in StartUp Research Program have a mandatory attendance of 85% in classroom sessions. The course is held over 90% in a presential format, both @ ITQB NOVA, Oeiras, and @ NOVA SBE, Carcavelos; Great Lisbon Area.

Mandatory Assignments

  1. Initial Management Plan consisting of a 12-minute project presentation “Concept, Mission, and Vision. First idea of a minimum value product/service (mvp/mvs) for the new Venture; including IP and regulatory issues”; and a 10-page document containing the description of the innovation project and management plan;

  2. Business case consisting of an Executive Summary; a Pitch Slide Deck and a Business Model Structure representation;

  3. Final Pitch performed at the (open) Final Pitch & Graduation session.

Student Evaluation

The StartUp Research Student evaluation is Qualitative, based on a final “Approved” / “Non-Approved” system.

Applications will be made through the formal Application Portal